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    1. Boeing


      Boeing Commercial Airplanes, a business unit of The Boeing Company, is committed to being the leader in commercial aviation by offering airplanes that deliver superior design, efficiency and value to customers around the world. There are more than 10,000 Boeing commercial jetliners in service, flying passengers and freight more efficiently than competing models in the market. More than 5,700 Boeing airplanes are currently on order. Boeing Commercial Airplanes, headquartered in Seattle, Wash., employs more than 60,000 people worldwide.

      Executive Biographies

      Stanley A. Deal Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company
      President and Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Airplanes
      Conrad Chun Vice President, Communications, Commercial Airplanes
      Michael P. Delaney Vice President, Digital Transformation, Commercial Airplanes
      Joelle Denney Vice President, Human Resources, Commercial Airplanes
      Padraic Fennelly Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Commercial Airplanes
      Kent Fisher Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Commercial Airplanes
      Mike Fleming Vice President, 737 MAX Return to Service, Global Aviation Safety System and Customer Support, Commercial Airplanes
      Ernesto Gonzalez-Beltran Vice President, Total Quality, Commercial Airplanes
      Lynne Hopper Vice President of Engineering and Chief Engineer, Commercial Airplanes
      Mark D. Jenks Vice President, Airplane Programs, Commercial Airplanes
      Elizabeth Lund Vice President and General Manager, Supply Chain and Fabrication, Commercial Airplanes
      Gary McCulley Vice President, Manufacturing and Safety, Commercial Airplanes
      Ihssane Mounir Vice President, Commercial Sales & Marketing, Commercial Airplanes
      Sheila Remes Vice President of Strategy, Commercial Airplanes
      Mike Sinnett Vice President and General Manager, Product Development, Commercial Airplanes

      Major Production Facilities

      Everett, Wash. site

      With headquarters in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, Boeing Commercial Airplanes has operations in more than a dozen cities and countries. Below are three major production facilities.

        Airplane Families
        Current Price
        $ in millions average
        737 Family  
        737-700 89.1
        737-800 106.1
        737-900ER 112.6
        737 MAX 7 99.7
        737 MAX 8 121.6
        737 MAX 200 124.8
        737 MAX 9 128.9
        737 MAX 10 134.9
        747 Family  
        747-8 418.4
        747-8 Freighter 419.2
        767 Family  
        767-2C *
        767-300ER 217.9
        767-300 Freighter 220.3
        777 Family  
        777-200ER 306.6
        777-200LR 346.9
        777-300ER 375.5
        777 Freighter 352.3
        777-8 410.2
        777-9 442.2
        787 Family  
        787-8 248.3
        787-9 292.5
        787-10 338.4

        * Contact Sales and Marketing for Pricing Information

        Boeing is committed to providing the most current data available. We hope you find this information useful as you review our complete family of airplanes—including the only freighter family available today.

        The prices above reflect an average price reflecting a range of available options and configurations for each model. Configurations and options that may affect price include performance capability, interiors, avionics, fuel capacity, etc.

        All prices are in U.S. dollars and are in millions.

        Aviation Safety


        Safety is the primary consideration when Boeing engineers design an airplane. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements before certification, each airplane model must meet Boeing’s time-proven design standards. Often these standards are more stringent than regulatory requirements. Boeing airplanes are rigorously tested, and the company continually monitors the performance of airplanes worldwide to identify opportunities to improve safety.

        Learn More


          Next-Generation 737-800

          Starting an airline is tough. Running a profitable airline is even tougher. From startup airlines to established industry leaders, the process involves constant learning and adaptation.

          Few businesses have as many variables and challenges as airlines. They are capital-intensive. Competition is fierce. Airlines are fossil-fuel dependent and often at the mercy of fuel price volatility. Operations are labor intensive and subject to government control and political influence. And a lot depends on the weather.

          But, the intrepid entrepreneur is not alone. The StartupBoeing team assists entrepreneurs in launching new airlines. From concept through launch, StartupBoeing offers guidance, review, analysis, data, resources, contacts, and referrals to qualified startup airlines.

          Visit StartupBoeing

            Orders & Deliveries

            Revenue Recognition Accounting Standard ASC 606 Information
            During the first quarter of 2018, Boeing adopted a new revenue recognition accounting standard (ASC 606) which, among other things, imposes additional criteria for recognizing contracted backlog with customers beyond the existence of a firm contract to deliver. Apart from adding the table below and modifying the "ASC 606 Changes" line in the Net Orders table, this site has not been adjusted for the adoption of ASC 606, and reflects all orders for which we have a firm contractual commitment. As such, aircraft identified for a specific customer on this site may not necessarily contribute to the totals for backlog and/or other amounts included in our financial statements. The figures in the table for Total Unfilled Orders, ASC 606 Adjustment and Backlog include the orders, listed on this site, of Boeing Capital Corporation.

            Custom Reports

            Region and Country/Area Definitions

            Central America and Mexico
            Central Asia
            East Asia
            Middle East
            North America
            South America
            South Asia
            Southeast Asia


            • Algeria
            • Angola
            • Cameroon
            • Congo, The Democratic Republic
            • C?te d’Ivoire
            • Egypt
            • Equatorial Guinea
            • Ethiopia
            • Gabon
            • Ghana
            • Guinea
            • Kenya
            • Liberia
            • Madagascar
            • Mauritius
            • Morocco
            • Mozambique
            • Namibia
            • Niger
            • Nigeria
            • Reunion
            • Rwanda
            • Senegal
            • South Africa
            • State of Libya
            • Sudan
            • Tanzania, United Republic of
            • Tunisia
            • Zambia
            • Zimbabwe

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            • Bahamas
            • Bermuda
            • Dominican Republic
            • Jamaica
            • Trinidad and Tobago

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            Central America and Mexico

            • Costa Rica
            • El Salvador
            • Honduras
            • Mexico
            • Panama

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            Central Asia

            • Afghanistan
            • Azerbaijan
            • Kazakhstan
            • Mongolia
            • Tajikistan
            • Turkmenistan
            • Uzbekistan

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            East Asia

            • China
            • Japan
            • South Korea

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            • Austria
            • Belarus
            • Belgium
            • Channel Islands (UK)
            • Czech Republic
            • Denmark
            • Finland
            • France
            • Germany
            • Gibraltar
            • Greece
            • Hungary
            • Iceland
            • Ireland
            • Italy
            • Luxembourg
            • Malta
            • Netherlands
            • Norway
            • Poland
            • Portugal
            • Romania
            • Russian Federation
            • Serbia
            • Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
            • Slovenia
            • Spain
            • Sweden
            • Switzerland
            • Turkey
            • Ukraine
            • United Kingdom

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            Middle East

            • Bahrain
            • Iran (Islamic Republic of)
            • Iraq
            • Israel
            • Jordan
            • Kuwait
            • Lebanon
            • Oman
            • Qatar
            • Saudi Arabia
            • Syrian Arab Republic
            • United Arab Emirates
            • Yemen

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            North America

            • Canada
            • USA

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            • Australia
            • Fiji
            • Nauru
            • New Zealand
            • Papua New Guinea
            • Samoa

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            South America

            • Argentina
            • Bolivia
            • Brazil
            • Chile
            • Colombia
            • Ecuador
            • Peru
            • Uruguay
            • Venezuela

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            South Asia

            • Bangladesh
            • India
            • Nepal
            • Pakistan

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            Southeast Asia

            • Brunei Darussalam
            • Indonesia
            • Malaysia
            • Philippines
            • Singapore
            • Taiwan
            • Thailand
            • Vietnam

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            • Unidentified

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            Report by Customer

            Shows data for all past years for Boeing Commercial Airplanes' jet aircraft.

            • Customer: Details for the selected customer, sorted by model.
            • Country/Area: Details for the selected country/area, sorted by customer then by model.
            • Geographic Region: Summary of the selected geographic region, sorted by model.

            Report by Model

            Shows order and delivery counts for all past years for Boeing Commercial Airplanes' jet aircraft.

            • Current Models: Counts for the selected in-production model sorted by customer, then by Model Series.
            • Current Model Series: Counts for the selected in-production model Series sorted by customer.
            • Current Model Series: Counts for the selected in-production model series sorted by customer, then by Model Series.
            • All Model Series: Counts for the selected in- and out-of-production models sorted by customer, then by Model Series.
            • US Domestic/International by Model Series: US Domestic and International cumulative counts for all models.
            • US Domestic/International Orders: US Domestic and International Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date, and cumulative Order counts, by Model.
            • US Domestic/International Deliveries: US Domestic and International Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date, and cumulative Delivery counts, by Model.
            • Historical Orders: A matrix of orders for all models sorted by year.
            • Historical Deliveries: A matrix of deliveries for all models sorted by year.

            Report by Unfilled Orders

            Shows model order and delivery counts for customers who have ordered but not yet taken delivery.

            • Unfilled Orders by Model: Counts are sorted by model then by customer.
            • Unfilled Orders by Customer: Counts are sorted by customer then by model.
            • Unfilled Orders by Country/Area: Counts are sorted by country/area then by model.
            • Unfilled Orders by Region: Counts are sorted by region then by model.
            Report Type

            Recent Annual Orders

            Order Date Customer Model Series Orders